Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sidewalk Lesson

A quick story. Not long ago, a wandering heart's musings mentioned having fun drawing shapes with sidewalk chalk for her little one to identify. I tried this out the other night, hoping it would entertain K long enough for me to get some more bark mulch spread in the front flower garden. K did have great fun running from shape to shape, naming them and standing on the ones I asked her to find. And I did get a few shovelfuls laid as she was happily occupied. The trouble was, soon she wanted me to draw more shapes with the purple chalk (all the others were blue) and didn't want to try making any more drawings herself. After I quickly drew a set of purple shapes and she had run from blue shapes to purple shapes, she was back to asking me to draw more.
Then Daddy came around to the front and K asked him to draw. So Daddy, ever the math teacher, neatly drew a radius, diameter, and chord in the blue circle, carefully and clearly explaining the purpose of each. I quietly guffawed in the background.

The next day we sat down on the front step after a walk, K and her parents, enjoying the evening air. Seeing the shapes arrayed before us, I jokingly asked, "Which shape has the radius, diameter and chord?" Long pause. A little voice says "cir-cus?"

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Joelle said...

Wow! That is really impressive. Tell Brent to keep giving her math lessons. Maybe she can learn the formulas for the areas of different shapes next. I'll be excited just to hear Audrey count someday!