Saturday, August 11, 2007

Concurrent and Maturity

Here's a funny little story that happened today. After breakfast I sat drinking my tea and reading the paper; Katya, being finished with her meal, wandered to her room while chattering to herself. After a little while, I noticed the nature of her chatting had changed. I went over and peeked through the doorway to see her talking through the open window to the small (age 5ish?) boy who lives next door. Katya was very interested in his soccer ball and talked over and over about his "ba" along with other very conversational gibberish. The little boy, meanwhile, was talking to her at the same time, asking K if she would ask her mom if she could come out to play. Katya, hearing the questioning note in his voice would pause and say "yah!" then go back to talking about the ba, the trees, the window blinds and so on. It was so funny to hear their simultaneous conversations-- going on in parallel universes, each quite sure the other understood and was talking about the same topic, though that wasn't the reality at all. At last the boy's older brother came by and told him to leave her alone (but the little kid's gonna come out and play! cried the younger boy) and Katya, too, lost interest and wandered away. I watched her and wondered how long it will be before she does come to me, anxious to go outside to play with the kids when they ask.


And a sign the babe is growing up: yesterday as I was starting a load of laundry, I found that there was some space left in the washer for another item. Katya had been helping me put clothes in the washer and now I looked around and said "Hm, what else should we wash?" Seeing her beloved blankie lying there, I asked shall we washed your blankie (cheerfully). And with a big smile, Katya picked it up and handed it me! This is the first time this has happened-- usually I have to sneak the blankie into the wash and hope it gets finished before she notices it's missing. Nevertheless, I tossed it into the washer and got the load started quickly before she could change her mind. Katya appeared to not be bothered at all and tramped away to do something else. She did, however, start asking for her blankie later and eagerly grabbed it as I put the wet load into the washer. A wet blankie is much better than no blankie and one can go only so long without one!


kareen said...

Your little girl's growing up fast.:)

Funny how nothing seems to ever change for some time and then one day you suddenly realize that everything has..:)

I look forward to the time when you write about your daughter reading this blog of yours and realizing just how much she was loved and adored by her mother.:)

Joelle said...

Love the stories, thanks for sharing. Do you think Katya will go out to play with that boy sometime? Poor guy, he was hoping to have someone to play with. It's a little sad to see our girls growing up, isn't it. Guess she realized/remembered that the wash doesn't take too long.