Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Someone is Two and a Half!

In honor of this momentous occasion, I got out one of the little outfits Kecia brought back from her world wide travels and tried it on Katya. It was pretty large on her yet, but the color is stunning. Sorry, Kecia, I can't remember which country it's from, or even which continent, there's been so many these last months!
I must say I got the giggles as Katya walked around in her fancy outfit. I don't know what the material is made of, but there seems to be a lot of starch in it. The sleeves stuck out straight from her shoulders and when she sat down, the whole outfit kind of stood up around her. But she seemed to enjoy wearing something so pretty and it didn't stop her from singing out of her Sing Praises book.
Katya's verbal skills continue to develop. She's started using the pronoun I, though she uses it within a specific prescribed format. Whenever she starts doing something she wants to draw attention to, she says "Are you eating your snack (singing on the beanbag, going walking, etc., etc.)?" until I repeat the question to her. Then she triumphantly says "Yes, I YAM!"
She is still very interested in stairs and has made the mental connection between stairs to other things that go down. As she eats, she says Bites going down the stairs. When washing her hands, she leans as far possible over the sink and says "Bye, bye bubbles. Bubbles going down the stairs."
All her life we've been praying before meals, but she has yet to say a prayer with us. She does fold her hands and holds them in the exact position that she sees her parents holding theirs but she doesn't join in. She has, however, started announcing "Kada pray!" after we return thanks at meal's end. She then properly folds her hands, bows her head and clearly says the breakfast prayer "Thank you Jesus, Amen." Nicely said prayer and the right concept, just a very different time than we usually say it! We think she may be the type that doesn't start doing something new until she's already decided she can master it. This could be a good thing, considering how frustrated she sometimes gets when she runs into something too difficult for her to accomplish.


trinket said...

What a stunning color of blue!

bluemountainmama said...

so cute! i especially love the photo of her sitting and singing out of her book.

they grow SO fast...... my son just started kindergarten last week. thst day seemed so far away when he was Katya's age. enjoy every moment! :)

Joelle said...

Sorry for the late comment! Matt and I enjoyed the photos of Katya in her beautiful dress. It is interesting how the shoulders go out so straight. I was trying to figure it out when I saw the first picture before reading your entry. Looking forward to seeing you soon!