Friday, February 01, 2008

Katya Sayings

* Lately, K has taken to repeating herself endlessly, especially if she doesn't get an immediate reply. The other day she was telling B about something she wanted him to do while he was in the middle of something else. Finally, in exasperation, he said "Just hold on to your britches!"
B turned to see K bent over, with a fistful of pant leg in each hand, and a truly quizzical look on her face.

* Many days, K and I take a short walk. One day as we tromped through the alley, in and out of the shadows, K exclaimed "Blue snow! White snow!" How true.

* K now often refers to herself as "the daughter". For example, when B picks her up to carry her to bed, she says "Are you carrying the daughter?" When B says "Yes, I am carrying the daughter," she is quite content.

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Joelle said...

Cute stories! It is interesting to me that Katya knows what britches are - you must use that term at home. Audrey would be clueless. Thanks for sharing :)