Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Year in the Garden

This winter has been an actual winter. We've had snow sticking around on the ground for weeks and weeks. As I look out the front windows to my snow-covered flower garden, I think back to how it has changed over the last year. I've posted some of these pictures before, but now that the garden has "experienced" all four seasons, I thought I'd post a record of it on this blog.

Early spring~starting fresh with bare ground after all the bushes had been ripped out.
A few weeks later we planted new bushes.
Summer~young plants start the business of growing.
Late summer~nearly everything was growing and blooming.

Early fall~it was a long growing season as many plants continued blooming well into fall.

Mid-late fall~as the frosts began biting, many plants closed up shop for the season. There were, however, some really pretty contrasts between blooms and changing foliage in the plants that didn't give up so easily..

Winter~garden, what garden?

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trinket said...

I loved seeing the changes in your garden throughout the seasons! Fantastic!