Friday, June 20, 2008

So, at the end of most days I've been writing down a few of the 'beautiful' things I noticed that day. It's a nice way to end a day--good to close a day thinking about the positives rather than what didn't go well.

The problem is finding the time to get them posted. Rather than copying them all, here are some highlights for the week of June 7-13.

1. Gathering flowers for the first bouquet of the summer.

2. The arrival of a sister whom I haven't seen in a year and a half.

3. At Tobiah's baptism many people commenting on how alert/happy he looked. One lady said T looked up at Pastor with a knowing expression as if to say "I know exactly what you're doing!"

4. Tobiah rolled over for the first time while Kecia was here.

5. Katya mimicking the way Kecia puts her air up. Katya would begin winding the back of her hair in knots--saying she was tying it in a bow.

6. While daily life goes on around him, Tobiah on the blanket on the floor quietly in the midst of his own little drama--again and again trying to roll over.

7. Putting yellow duck jammies on Tobiah. The last baby to look cute in them was Katya.

8. Katya is entranced by the song "Willowby Wallowby." She smiles at the names of people she knows being inserted into the song. Sometimes she is able to guess the rhyming word. We think of different people and things for the elephant to sit on for half an hour while I'm feeding T.

9. Brent has met the new neighbors but I haven't. The boys are playing some sort of soccer game when they lose their ball to our backyard. The youngest is dispatched to ask permission to retrieve it and he stammers a bit when it is me who answers the door.

10. The late evening sun shining on T as I change and swaddle him before bed.

11. When I notice the fridge is unusually empty, I have a minute to wipe down one of the accessible grimy shelves.

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