Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Some Catch-Up Beautiful Things

1. The red-wing blackbirds that hang out by the canals.

2. A grandmotherly type at church laughing with delight when she first meets Tobiah and sees him up close. More grandmotherly types gather round and proclaim with great confidence that boys are easier than girls. Me wondering when the *easy* part kicks in.

3. "Winning" some great ebay deals on summer clothes for the tiny tots.

4. The way a poppy bursts into bloom. One day its buds are large but green and tight. The next day I look out the window and it is blooming in full strong but delicate beauty.

5. You must phrase the question in a way that you get a full answer.

6. Though I carry an infant whose patience with shopping is rapidly expiring, I manage to pick out some new and needed eyeliner.

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