Saturday, August 02, 2008

A Few Beauties

I've still been trying to write down the little *beautiful* things that catch my attention through the day. It's good to have a greater awareness of these moments but hard to remember to write them down! Here's a batch from late July..

  • A tiny breeze carried the bubbles I blew for K to chase while a baby boy lay on his blanket in the grass watching wide-eyed in fascination.
  • The items at the last garage sale we visited were priced kind of high and I reluctantly picked out only two shirts for K. (It totally never even crossed my mind to try to haggle.) "Is that all you could find?" the lady asked as I brought them up to pay. I told her there were a few more I liked but cash was running low. Here, she said, whipping out a plastic grocery sack, fill this bag for the price. She even showed me some dresses in K's size that I hadn't noticed.
  • K said she needed help with the collar on her underpants.
  • T's "word" for the day was something that sounded like "hey." As we drove to church a little voice from the rear-facing carseat repeated "hey..hey..hey..hey" over and over again. K started laughing and soon we were all laughing.
  • K kissed me on the shoulder as she said goodnight.
  • The baby who a few weeks ago always howled when he ended up on his tummy is now almost always sleeping like this when I check on him:

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Mindy said...

Hey hey, hey! Those are great...