Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Of Boys and Wheels

It continues to fascinate me- the way cars are so important to T. When he plays with them, he is completely focused on watching them move as if he is trying to figure out what makes them operate. We gave K cars to play with, too, and she did, but they never held her interest the way they do for T. When we are out driving, anytime T sees a bus, construction vehicle, semi, etc., he excitedly cries out "Luck!?" and will keep saying this until I say, yes, there's a truck.

There was a boy, perhaps a little older than T (but a lot smaller) in the row in front of us in church last Sunday. I watched him play with his toy truck and noticed how he pushed it back and forth slowly and deliberately, just like T does. What is so fascinating about a car moving along to a little boy? Is it the rotation of the wheels? Are all little boys so interested in cars? Not having grown up with brothers, this interests me.

There have not been cars through the ages, but there have been wagons, carts. Can you imagine an ancient times toddler pointing to a passing soldier and exclaiming "Chariot!?" I imagine as long as there have been wheels making objects move, there has been small boys watching in fascination.

Anyway, this little boy in front of us accidentally (?) gave his truck a big push and it shot out from his row to ours, rolling between the feet and under the seat of an older man near us. His mother was horrified and embarrassed. The man had to reach quite a ways to retrieve it. But here's the thing: a woman would have handed the toy back. The man rolled it back. Guess the boy never quite disappears from the man.
But I have to add that cars aren't the only difference between T and K. He is a lot more cuddly with stuffed animals than she's ever been. Each child is a unique creation. I love watching their similarities and differences develop.

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