Monday, March 01, 2010


1. It's 9 pm on a Friday night and I'm the only one awake in the house.

2. Every time we don't sit near the front of the church, K seems to get lost finding her way back to us after the children's talk. She walks slowly down the aisle with a hopeful smile, searching the sea of faces for the familiar ones of her family. More than once she's started to walk into the wrong row when she thinks she's gone far enough, and some kindly soul leads her back to us.

3. T is playing in the family room when Brent comes in and turns on the football game. T looks up just in time to see a tackle and big pile-up. He lets out a "Whoa!!" Then, "K?" -- he's asking them if they're ok.

4. Listening to the first movement of Murray Perahia's Bach Concerto in D Major three times in a row, turning the volume up a little louder each time.

5. K's current fascination is bird nests. It started with checking out the book Make Way for Ducklings from the library. Her favorite page was the one where Mrs. Mallard has laid her 8 eggs and checks to make sure they're all there and only leaves the nest to get something to eat. One morning at breakfast she asked what nests look like and I ask her what she thinks. She says she thinks they must have lids on them to keep the eggs from falling out. So later that day I show her pictures on the internet of different bird nests and their eggs. Today she worked hard at constructing her own nest when she played outside.

6. Over the monitor I hear T rustling awake. I can't tell for certain, but I think the first words he says to himself are "Eh ent." (The end.)
7. I wonder if the garbage truck driver ever notices when he has a small, rapt audience?

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Mindy said...

I especially love #6! Ans I've wondered about #7, myself. :)