Thursday, August 09, 2012


A variety of volunteer sunflowers have sprouted in our yard.  I have kind of a let-live attitude about them when they show up.  They add a splash of unexpected color.
Some are little.  (I think they are the children of the Idaho sunflower seeds that got caught in flower pots we brought with us.)

Others are medium sized.  Most likely from birdseed.  This flower grew right outside our back door.  When I sat on the couch in the mornings, I enjoyed seeing the light shine through its petals.

Here it is from the front later on in the day:

Another sprouted in a flowerbed near the lavender.

Then, there was this giant.  A neighbor planted the large kind of sunflowers a year or two ago.  A seed apparently happily took root next to one of our garden boxes.  It must have grown ten feet tall before it bloomed.

It looked splendid against the sky.

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