Sunday, October 12, 2014

Missouri Photos

Ever so slowly getting caught up.
At the end of May a niece had a wedding, so we made a trip to the Midwest.  It was a busy time, each day seemed full of people to see and places to travel to.  On the way from the airport to the grandparents' house, we stopped and visited an uncle who lives on a farm.  He was so kind to the kids, showing them all around and answering their questions.
Another day we took an afternoon to visit another uncle, who is a firefighter.  He had the day off and gave us the grand tour, sharing much with K and T about all things related to fire stations, trucks, and gear.
 Here are a bunch of photos from that day:
 One of the other firefighters took a few minutes to put on all his equipment and gear for the kids.
 I think both K and T were nervous that the fire alarm might go off while they were in the driver's seat.
 Checking out all the dials and controls
I thought this was a funny moment. M looked so small and lonely by herself in the stroller when the others wandered away to look at something else. 
Photo op
I think we all learned a lot!  It was a dream come true for K and T to see their uncle's fire station.
It seemed like we spent a lot of time on the road during this trip as we had to drive across the state to get to the wedding, then drive back.  We drove through St. Louis, and got to see the Arch as we whizzed by:
 Here it looks like the Arch is in a nice park..
Two minutes later, the Arch is obviously in the city.
I always think it's interesting to see how other areas are so different from where we live.  This is a very typical farm field for Central Missouri: 
Having lived in arid regions for the last thirteen years, I'm used to being able to see for miles when driving between towns.  In Missouri, the fields are walled in by trees.  How things love to grow there.  I think there are often creeks or small rivers between fields, making the landscape even more lushly green. 
The kids were troopers for this trip.  They found lots of ways to entertain themselves, talking nonstop, telling lots of stories and asking their grandparents questions.
M did great, too.  It's tough for a baby to travel.  I sat with her for this leg of the trip, keeping her supplied with snacks, treats, and toys..
..and trying to keep her head from wobbling too much when at last she fell asleep.
 These pictures were just a small portion of our time there, I didn't get to take a lot of photos.  It was a good trip.  I don't the kids will ever forget it!

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Joelle said...

looks like a super fun trip! how great to have uncles with fun jobs! i miss all the green and all the trees of the midwest!