Friday, July 28, 2006

Water Baby

Katya loves any and all water. We recently got back from visiting my parents and they bought a little backyard pool which she adored. Too bad I hadn't brought her bathing suit! We put her in, expecting her to splash all around the whole pool, but she was content to sit in one spot and alternated between sideways and up-and-down splashes. We put in some random "toys" to play with-- measuring spoons, a plastice spatula and a couple of balls, etc. She enjoyed playing with each toy in turn as it floated by her and happily went back to splashing when no toys were near. She discovered that she could drink out of the cups--the first time she's tried drinking on her own out of a sippyless cup. After she had been in the pool over an hour and was starting to resemble a prune, it was time to get her out. What a tragedy! She wailed and wailed. I had to distract her with that practically fail-proof distraction: a yummy snack. Needless to say, we spent lots of time in the pool while visiting Grandma and Grandpa.

Since we've been home she often hands me a plastic cup she has that I fill with a half inch of water. She tries to drink it and pours it down her front and onto the floor, then spreads the water around with her hands.

Also, since we've been home she loves her bath even more than she used to. It's as though she has discovered the vocabulary of splashes and wants to try as many types as she can. She's also fascinated by the washcloth and the way water drips off it when she holds it up out of the water. She is starting to help rub the washcloth over her body to get clean.

Another source of water fun is the hose. We have drip hoses that we use in the flower beds and parts of the lawn. Katya has discovered that when they're on they shoot a pin-sized spray of water. What fun it is to put her hands in it and get them all dripping wet. What's even more fun is to stick her face in it until her entire head is covered with tiny dewey drops.

I don't think Katya will be getting tired of water anytime soon.

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jenniferf said...

Oh Water!!! Camille is still fascinated with water, she could pour water in and out of cups, pitchers, sinks, etc all day and at least now she carries a towel around with her to clean up the mess! Now that's progress!!