Friday, September 08, 2006

Did you know?

Here in Idaho it's corn harvesting time. A couple of weeks ago we were taking a walk and went by some corn fields. I had always assumed that corn grows on the top of the stalk where the tassle is. Having driven by scads of corn fields while living in this state, I would look for the corn ears at the tops of the stalks but always thought I couldn't see them because I was moving by too quickly or the ears were too small and immature to see yet. So this one evening as we walked by, Brent said something about the corn looking like it was ready to harvest. I studied the tall plants, determined to find the elusive ears. Lo and behold, they grow about halfway up up the stalk where they will be nice and protected! Of course! I have lived in Idaho five years now and I just figured that out. Brent rolls his eyes that I am excited to finally know where that corn is, but he says that if I didn't know, there's probably a lot of other people who don't either. Anyway, I thought it was interesting, so I just had to share!

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Jenniferakacamillesmama said...

Brent is sooooooo smart! Wow! I always thought it was on the top too and wondered when they were ever going to pick it! Now I know!
Thanks for the factoid!