Saturday, September 30, 2006

This picture was in the paper the other day, along with a story about the 2006 U.S. Paragliding National Championship that was held in the Wood River Valley. I am not a fan of heights or sports that involve falling out of the sky, but I was struck by this picture. I think I like it because first of all it reminds me of the hikes my family and I used to take in the Three Sisters Wilderness in Central Oregon. We made serious altitude on some of those hikes and the views were phenomenal. This picture makes me think of those times--being up high and able to look out across hills and mountains. I love the openness of this shot. The picture is in black and white but I know the flowers you see in the foreground are yellow. So imagine those green hillsides covered with yellow flowers.
Another reason why I like this shot is because it has a cool perspective and I like the way you see figures both on the ground and in the air. It kind of makes me feel like I could just step out into the air myself and just walk along, enjoying the view, taking an airborne shortcut to the next crest if I wanted to. I think heaven will be like that--you'll have your choice of walking or flying or just strolling in the air and there will be limitless beautiful vistas to explore.
The article said that the paragliders had to fly a specific course and touch down at certain points. It sounds pretty challenging but in that kind of scenery, maybe I wouldn't mind! If you're interested in reading the article it's Colors fly in Wood River paraglide competition.

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Anonymous said...

This picture is great and brings back many happy memeories of living in the Wood River Valley. I remember seeing these things flying all the time!
As a one- time bungee jumper, I love that feeling of flying, but also hate heights.. it's a scary paradox.
The view of the hills makes me a little homesick for Ketchum... as it was...:)