Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Anniversary on the Rocks

Brent completely surprised me just before bed Monday night by announcing that he had taken Tuesday off. This from a man who NEVER takes a sick day! He had arranged for a sub so he could spend the day of our third anniversary with his family. I was so amazed.

So we had nice leisurely Tuesday morning, sleeping in, breakfast, deciding what to do that day. After lunch we loaded up the truck and set out to explore the City of Rocks area north of Gooding. It was great! Neither of us had been there and it is a unique area--full of huge rocks jutting up from the hillsides. First we explored a little bit of a trail that followed a dry creek bed, alternating between carrying Katya and letting her walk by herself on the smoother portions. She loved being in this new environment. Brent and I were glad to see that she seemed very comfortable and interested in the great outdoors.

We wanted to see what else was in the area so we drove farther down the road. It was a good thing we had the truck--the road was very rough, and got worse the farther we went. Katya enjoyed all of our bouncing around, although at first she wasn't sure and looked at us inquiringly to see if this bouncing was something that was supposed to be fun. We assured her it was. It was a fascinating area and we would have liked to explore more, but finally the road became too rocky and steep. Brent said four years ago he would have gone for it and kept driving, but "life is better now."

We also had to get home because we had arranged for a babysitter to come so Brent and I could go to dinner! This was the third time we had been away from Katya and it was the first date Brent and I had had in a year and a half. We went to the Snake River Grill in Hagerman and had a delicious meal. We had an alligator appetizer and we each had a different type of catfish dinner.

When we got home, Cope (isn't that a great name for a babysitter?) said Katya had been very good and hadn't even cried! Yay! Katya was happy because Cope had given her two jelly bracelets that Cope had been wearing and Katya thought they were just so special. It was an unexpectedly felicitous day!


~Michelle~ said...

What a felicitous use of the word felicitous!

Happy anniversary!

Dana said...

I was going to say the same thing! Reminds me of a certain kitty.

I'm so glad you got to have an excursion together, and what your explorations sound like quite a treat!

Anonymous said...

Felicitous! Such a great Rena word! Love it!
I remember The City of Rocks with Dave, really interesting!
Katya looks sooo confused! So cute!
She's like.."What's the deal with all the rocks?".
Happy #3 Anniversary!
You guy's are a great couple!