Friday, October 27, 2006

Katya the Bookworm

Katya is fascinated by books. She often goes straight to her bookshelf when I get her up in the morning or from a nap. When I say "It's time to change your diaper!" she goes to the bookshelf and picks out two or three books to look at while her diaper is being changed. It's good that she occupies herself with books since when she tries to "help" with a diaper changing, the results are awfully messy.
She's like the Dr. Suess Green Eggs and Ham character. "Do you like your books in the car? Yes, I like them in the car. I like them in the kitchen and at church." It's a little risky to give her books to read at church. They keep her entertained, but she has been known to start "reading" in a loud/strange voice at quiet moments in the service. This is a bit embarrassing.
She carts her books all around the house. It's funny to hear her "read" The Three Little Pigs. That is a book that must be read with voices and she has caught on to this fact. I can't help but smile every time I hear her one year old version of the wolf or pig voices.

Katya is also interested in grown up books. When she first started making a regular habit of pulling books off the shelves, she always went first for my Secret Life of Bees book. This has a bright yellow cover and I read it while nursing her when she was five to six months old. I couldn't help but wonder if she remembered that book.

Lately, she has been branching out to other adult material, thumbing through old checkbooks that just have the duplicates left or pretending to read the newspaper. The best part about reading the newspaper, though, is throwing the pages to the floor one at a time. They make nice swishing noises as they go down and the floor looks so much better when it is all covered.


~Michelle~ said...

This is so cute! Great photos.

Anonymous said...

GREAT pics! oh my, so cute. I love the reading the newspaper one!
And the dishwasher..CUTE!
Camille used to read in the bottom kitchen drawer!

javacurls said...

At such a young age your daughter has already developed an excellent taste in books. hahah I loved reading "The Secret Life of Bees"! Great book!

Those photos are priceless! Love the one of her in the dishwisher. She looks like such a little grown-up reading the morning paper! Too cute!!