Friday, October 20, 2006

Sunday Scribbling #30

My good friend Jennifer has been after me to do a Sunday Scribbling for some time now. This week the topic is "Good." So here goes:

Sunshine is Good
"Look, girls, at the light on the _____."
These words were a refrain of my mother's when I was growing up. Mom taught us to love and appreciate beauty and one way to do that was to frequently point out the ever changing nature of light. With this background, along with the additional factors of being blonde and blue-eyed (studies have shown this makes you more light sensitive), being afflicted with a slight case of SAD, and with the days growing shorter and colder I appreciate SUNSHINE more and more. So to me, sun is good. Of course, some days it's more good than others. On a hot day, I'll be the first to admit there can be way too much sun. However, more often the sun has incomparable goodness. Here are some good sun moments.
  1. Sitting with my face in the sun for the first time after a wet winter and feeling my insides unkink.
  2. Sunlight dappling through green leaves against blue sky.
  3. The way the sun streams in the front windows, warming up the house enough that the furnace stops kicking on even though it's a cold winter day.
  4. After a chilly walk, standing in a sheltered spot with the sun warming the back of my head, making my scalp feel massaged and lifted while I watch my nineteen month old daughter explore.
  5. Looking outside on a cloudy day and the sun breaks through. Suddenly, there is light and shadow and contrast as muted colors brighten.
  6. Feeling like there's a big smile in the sky when the sun comes out from behind clouds.

The sun has healing qualities for both body and soul. Without the sun there wouldn't be the infinite variety of light displays that come with each sunset and sunrise, before and after storms, as the seasons change, and so many other times. "Look at how the light is shining on the ..." exclaims a voice in my head. Sun is good.


Chelle Y. said...

I love the sun! In fact, I am seeing it through a window in my kitchen as I sit and read all this scibbings.

You had a wonderful mom to teach you to love the "little things in life."

javacurls said...

Beautiful posting! I also love the sun; it has an amazing power over me as well.

Anonymous said...

Great Sunday Scribbling Rena! I love this! I love your mom, she is so great! She was a very wonderful mom to slow down and show you how to observe the little things!

~Michelle~ said...

Your descriptions of the sun made me smile, very beautiful and indeed "good."

Dana said...

(you have a lot of friends) :)

When the sun streams in our showroom to highlight our flowers or tiles, or whenever I'm walking with friends it seems that I'm making them stop and "look at the light on the..."