Monday, October 16, 2006

Three Good Fall Things

(I'm on a roll with the Three Things posts.)

  • Picking a bouquet of summer flowers in October for the kitchen table.

  • Making a batch of Honey Oat Rolls from scratch and putting most of them in the freezer for future meals. Eating the rest with Apricot Squash Soup for dinner. Katya loved the soup--she ate all of hers and asked for more, even when she also had her favorite: cottage cheese to eat. She also manipulated the spoon pretty well, and only resorted to scooping with her fingers a few times. A golden, healthy meal. I read once that eating fall vegetables like squash helps your body adjust to the cooler temperatures.
  • Planting bulbs in the pleasantly warm Indian Summer sun with Katya beside me. She is happily scraping little holes with my spade and spreading the dirt out of the flower bed.


Anonymous said...

Great post and you are on a roll... It's so great to get this glimpse into your life!

By the way.. That is the cleanest tile that I have ever seen! How do you keep the grout that clean??!! :).. oh, and the flowers are beautiful.. amazing for October!

Rena said...

It's really not that clean! It was a happy accident to have the light hitting it just right!