Friday, October 13, 2006

Toddler Kisses, Cats, and Stars

Continuing in the tradition of Three Beautiful Things:
  1. Katya touching her nose to the seal pup page whenever we read her Baby Animals book.
  2. Katya interacting with Betsy the cat. Betsy, who along with her sister Tacy, has been forced to become an outside cat because Katya's allergic. Sometimes, however, the cats are allowed to come in for a little while. One day Katya brings Betsy her toys. She lays them around Betsy like little offerings. Yesterday she tried to feed Betsy her sippy cup. Then she brought a book to "read" to her AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS (cats don't listen very well, you know).
  3. After doing the evening dishes, taking out the garbage and stopping to look up at the stars. I love how the longer I look, the more stars quietly appear until I see the Milky Way wisping its way over our house.

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Such Lovely images..Thanks for sharing....