Wednesday, November 01, 2006

November, John R. Cash, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

  1. Turning over my New Zealand calendar page to November and the picture is a sun drenched lighthouse with blue skies, green hills and sailing boats. So nice to see when the temperature was 14 degrees this morning.
  2. Listening to my new Johnny Cash Children's Album with Katya. It's the same one me and my sisters listened to on LP as kids and it's great fun! I think I appreciate it even more now. Katya danced to Nasty Dan and sang with Little Green Fountain.
  3. Walking briskly home from the Post Office with Katya and Darla. We manage to pass a certain sleeping brown bad dog without waking him.


Anonymous said...

I was in New Zealand in November 12 (wow!) years ago and that sun drenched sky that you see on that calendaar is 100x more blue! and smells like Hibiscus, jasmine and gardenia everywhere you go!

That Johnny Cash Kids CD sounds GREAT! I must get it!

Askinstoo said...
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