Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day's Notes (Back to Catching Up)

1. I've just about got lunch ready and I ask K to help take things out to the table. She carries T's plate of banana slices into the dining room and I am just beginning to wonder about the moments of silence when I hear K's announcement: "Tobiah's eating." I round the corner just in time to see that T has pulled his plate off the table and the last of the banana slices are disappearing down his little red lane.

2. T is into flinging things, opening and closing things right now. If he finds a drawer he can open and reach into, each item must be investigated and removed. Open bedroom and bathroom doors must be closed (latest twist-- with his head). His reach upward is ever-lengthening, too. It seems like every day we have to remember to place things a little farther inland from table or counter edges, away from the creeping tide of his searching fingers.

3. T's expression as he watches B: "My hero!" His expression toward me: "My comfort!" And to K: "I want to do exactly what she's doing!"

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Mindy said...

Wow, T and Owen would get along so well.