Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day's Notes (Big Batch)

1. The wind howling and blowing outside hour after hour after hour. The feeling of being inside with my hair staying in place while it roars outside.

2. K: "Costco is the errand where when you leave, they give you a marker to color on your receipt."

3. T catching sight of me watching him while he plays and he gets all animated and smiley. Sometimes he reminds me of Ralph the dog on The Muppet Show ending song, concentrating on his piano playing until he notices the camera on him, does a double take and redoubles his efforts.

4. Or when he's "talking" to us, T says his gibberish words with great enthusiasm. He looks like he's trying really hard to be understood. I like it when he stops and nods and he smiles when we nod back.

5. Getting two children ready to go outside in time to enjoy the few minutes of warm sunshine that comes between the rainstorm and the wind starting up.

6. One night I get more than 8 hours sleep. The next day I feel so...normal!

7. After a long winter, going outside without a coat for first time and hearing the song of my favorite spring bird.

8. K: "Which comes first--spring, summer, fall or winter?"

9. T has figured out how to turn on the TV with the remote. He settles back into the little rocker to watch the static.

10. I go for a walk past a nearby empty lot. I discover it has been razed in preparation for a housing development to be built there. One or two lone trees are left on the edges of the scrapped bare dirt. My favorite bird, the meadowlark, perches in one of upper branches, bravely singing its song in the evening.

Whew, I did it! A post every day for the month of April! It was a lot of work, but fun, too. Maybe I'll do it again sometime, but I think it will be nice to take a small break now.


~Michelle~ said...

Great job ~ one post a day for a month! Whew!

joelle said...

Great job, Rena! Thanks for inspring me too - I know my brothers enjoyed reading all the posts :)

Liked Katya's comments about Costco and about the seasons. Cute. Audrey just said today that she wishes that Katya was here - so sweet :)

Glad you got a good night's sleep recently!

Dana said...

Rena, it's been a tremendous treat to watch them growing through your posts! You have a great way of bringing images to life through words.