Tuesday, May 05, 2009

ABC Wednesday

P is for...

Patterson Blue
(Personal tartan)

I've been interested in plaids ever since I first discovered that the Scottish tartans each have their own names. I found a fascinating website, Scotweb, where you can look up any registered plaid, search for plaids based on your color preferences, build your own tartan outfit and so much more. I thought a kilt was just a kilt until I learned that there are 8 yard traditional kilts and 5 yard casual kilts. There are also fashion kilts, Irish kilts and Welsh kilts! And then the plaids. Hundreds. I had no idea there were so many designs until I started perusing this site. Here are just a few.

(Clan/Family tartan)

(American fashion tartan)

(Japanese Fashion Restricted tartan)

(Clan/Family tartan)

Dorward 1
(Clan/Family tartan)


(Clan/Family tartan)

Black Watch
(Military tartan)

Black Watch Regimental
(Military tartan)

(Clan/Family weavers tartan)

(Portrait/Artifact tartan)

Abbotsford 1
(Commemorative Weavers tartan)

Visit ABC Wednesday for more P's.


Mara said...

You can even make your own family tartan!
By the way, the little girl in your header is just beautiful. Such a sweet smile and whenever I open your site, she's the first thing my eyes get drawn to.

Marie Reed said...

Wow! 8 yards of kilt! Somebody isn't having an easy time walking in that! Fascinating:)

kml said...

I love them too! What stories they must have to go with them. They are so beautiful!

Powell River Books said...

So beautiful and personal. Thanks for the web link. For more information about ABC Wednesdays click here. You will find additional "O" picture links posted there. -- Margy-- Margy

Dragonstar said...

Even the five yard kilts are heavy, so the eight yard ones must require a load of muscles! This is a fine informative post.

On behalf of the Team, thank you for participating.

spacedlaw said...

I must admit I am not fond of plaid but it is a good choice for P.

jay said...

There are a lot of very lovely tartans there, and as you say a lot more lovely tartans not shown. My ancestor's tartan, however, is a nasty yellow! LOL!

言承旭Jerry said...

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