Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ABC Wednesday

S is for...

These are trees in my neighborhood. I've enjoyed watching them change as the seasons go by. I thought the fall pictures had been taken of the same trees as the others but discovered otherwise when I went to put this post together. But at least all the trees are the same kind--quaking aspen.
With this post my entire ABC Wednesday alphabet is completed! It has been a fun, challenging project and many thanks to Mrs. Nesbitt for hosting it!


Sylvia K said...

What lovely photos! Lovely seasons! I'm glad it's spring now though! Great choice for the S word!!

imajica said...

interesting!! if only we had 4 seasons too in my part of the world!
Happy ABC Wednesday!

imajica's postcards

magiceye said...

beautiful collage!

Greetings from the ABC Team!

jay said...

Great pics! I keep meaning to do something like this, and take the first one or two photos, and then forget. :p

Q said...

Seasons is a wonderful s!
ABC Wednesday is very inspiring.
I have enjoyed coming to all the different blogs and learning so much!

Tumblewords: said...

Lovely trees! I'm happy that spring finally arrived here!

onangelwings said...

Great photo collage'. I have been meaning to do the same thing for years.

lynne said...

Love your blog! So many beautiful images and thoughts. Thanks for the kind comments you left at mine! I look forward to being part of the blogosphere - and to seeing the delightful things you post as well.
Your children are precious!
Be Well!