Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Sad Tail

Today one of the little kittens is not doing so well. Not well at all.

Yesterday there was a huge thuderstorm with torrential rain. Incidentally, it has been a very wet month. So strange to see this area green in June! Anyway, I worried about the babies. If the wind shifted at all, which it did, water would quickly fill the kitten container and might drown them. Brent offered to go out and see if he could figure out something to rig up to offer a little protection. When he got back inside, he was absolutely soaked but had found something to cover the pot.
I asked him if Tib said thank you. I believe she did, he said. He said she seemed to understand that he was trying to help them.

When the rains abated, there was one little kitten that seemed more wet than the others. By the next afternoon he was not moving, barely breathing. The other kittens were fluffing up, becoming more active, but this one was not. Brent tried to get it to latch on, but it could/would not. It is so sad. Makes me look forward to heaven even more, where there will be no getting sick, no dying or death. Tibs keeps licking the kitten, but it does not respond or move.
I'm kind of dreading what we will find in the morning.

Postscript: It's been a couple days since I first started writing this post. Sadly, the little kitty did not make it. It has been laid to rest in a corner of the yard.

The other three are doing well. Their eyes are still closed. How quickly they are growing.

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