Friday, October 16, 2009

Looking Back

One of the things I've liked about this house is the windows. Actually, I didn't like them so well at first because they are placed low, and being tall, it felt like my gaze was directed downward and it was an effort to view the sky. But they are the perfect height for children. Both K and T have spent long moments studying the mesmerizing outdoors. Over the years, I've sometimes grabbed the camera to snap a picture of one or both of them for a moment still, attention caught by something happening outside.
K, age 15 months
K, age 2
T, age 9 months and K age 3

K, age 4 and T, age 14 months

T, age 17 months


~Michelle~ said...

This is so adorable! I like the progression from just K to K and T sharing a moment, gazing out the window.

Joelle said...

LOVE window pictures! Very sweet!

Have you moved? Let me know what is up when you have news!