Friday, May 13, 2011

300th post: looking back by 300s

I am not a prolific blogger, so when I reach a hundredth post, it feels like an accomplishment.  Therefore, in honor of reaching this 300th post milestone, I thought about stepping back in time in segments of 300.

300 seconds= five hours ago   Something we have been working on homeschool is creating an alphabet book.  Each day we take a letter and look through the house for things that start with that letter.  We arrange everything together, I take a picture and K composes a sentence describing all the parts.  When we get all the pictures done, I plan to make them into a Snapfish or Shutterfly photo book.  Today was the letter Q.  Since we don't have many Q items in the house, K put on her Halloween costume and a paper crown and drew a picture of a quail.  We have a lot of these birds around here; we're always entertained by their laughing call and the way they often run where they're going instead of flying-- their little head feathers bobbing.  So the picture for today shows a *quiet* queen holding a quail, surrounded by quilts.

300 hours= 12.5 days ago    About two weeks ago I found a child camera that was given to K a couple years ago; in our moves it had been packed away and forgotten.  When I found it and replaced the batteries, the kids had a ball taking pictures.  It's interesting to see the world through their eyes.  Most of the time though, they like taking close-ups of the most mundane things.  Here's a sampling.

300 days= 10 months ago  This picture was taken exactly 10 months ago.  A two year old boy in need of a haircut, mugging for the camera.

300 weeks= 5.8 years ago  Stepping farther back now.  In looking through the archives to figure out which photos were closest to 300 weeks ago, this mother's heartstrings were being tugged hard.  Here is K on Daddy's lap while he did a crossword puzzle.  For awhile she was content to intently watch..

Soon though,she was reaching..

Got it!

300 months= 25 years ago  Roughly 66% of my life ago.  I don't have many pictures of myself at this time, but I'm sure these pictures are from almost exactly 300 months ago.  I remember I got to be excused from school this day because my grandparents were visiting from Wisconsin.  We went to the Rose Gardens and enjoyed the beautiful blooms.

300 years= the year 1711  In this year the tuning fork was invented!   Here are two pictures painted in that year.

Finally, if you are in the mood for a vacation, I found this this lovely cottage in northern France you can rent  that was built in the year 1711.



~Michelle~ said...

Very clever! What a great idea to commemorate your 300 posts!

Dana said...

Oh, wow. That's fascinating. Makes me wonder what the 300 months in the future will look like? And we should give every child a camera for a day.