Monday, May 30, 2011

Spring Signs

We continued our little FIAR break with another mini-unit; this time we learned about glorious spring.  Favorite activities were planting seeds to begin growing inside until it was warm enough to transfer them outside.  It ought to be noted that this has been such an exceptionally cool spring that though these plants are now big enough to be planted, the weather hasn't cooperated.  I began hardening one group a couple weeks ago, but we had more cold weather and winds that fatally knocked some over.  It's been such a strange year, weather wise.  Anyway, we also read lots of great books and K made a picture of a spring tree with popcorn blossoms (the kids were thrilled to pop popcorn again) and tissue paper daffodils.

  After making a list of the signs of spring we'd read about in the books we'd studied during the week, we made a list of all the things that showed spring found in our yard.  Then we took a field trip to do a spring nature study and find additional signs of spring.  We went to an area near the river where we saw tiny spring flowers

and beautiful flowering bushes.

When we went down to the water, we found that the river was running very high, near flood stage.  It was fun to throw rocks in the water and watch how fast debris was flowing downstream.

On the way back to the car, B stopped to check out a trail we didn't know was there while the kids were perfectly content to find things to climb.

It was a wonderful way to finish the week and we were then ready for spring break.  Now you know how far behind I am in posting!

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