Friday, November 17, 2006

Life in south central Idaho

1) The interstate on-ramps have cattle guards painted on them.
2) I always like to see the cows grazing free in the cut fields in the fall.
3) I don't like so much the huge tumbleweeds that get caught in the fence or lodged by the back door after a windy night.
4) The sky is big and the landscape wide. Driving along in the country, you can see where there are people living because there are clumps of trees springing up out of the fields.
5) When I first moved here, I asked "Don't you get tired of driving straight all the time?" People here thought that was a funny question.
What is life like where you live?


Anonymous said...

I remember always thinking how strange it was to be going straight all the time too..Idaho is so funny like that!

Joelle said...

Driving straight all the time? Try some of the Midwest states! Now that is driving straight!
:) I actually found that the roads curve quite a bit compared to back home!