Monday, February 26, 2007

Nope, Still Winter

Scratch what I said the other day about spring being nearly here. It's still winter. But at least the robins are here! Yesterday it snowed off and on all day with a couple inches accumulation. While we were eating lunch there was a robin that sat in the tree for the longest time while his friends searched for tidbits in the grass below. Either he was being a sentry or he was establishing squatter's rights to the nice tree. The other birds came and went around him, chirping and doing a little warm-up singing, but he just stayed put. The other picture is one of his friends taking a pause from bouncing along the driveway.
Today Katya noticed the four snowmen the family across the street had built. She kept saying "no-mn? no-mn?" as she pointed toward the window. When I raised the blinds so she could get a better look, she exclaimed "iiite!" as she pointed at all the white snow. Then she ran and got her winter boots and said hopefully "alk??" I realized she wanted to go outside but it was time for her nap. Not the best time for a walk. I stalled a bit but she did not let go of those boots. So we went out for seven minutes and when we came back in, she went down for a nap without a fuss and slept good and long!


jennifer said...

It's winter again here too! Spring come soon!

I used to adhere to a strict nap schedule too but found that sometimes things were just way too important to her so I would delay nap time and it would work great, she would usually go down without a fuss too and sleep hard! I think they have, in those situations a more contented sleep because they felt like their mommies listened to them.... It's so easy to fall into the drill master mode when you are a mommy...:)

bluemountainmama said...

those are great photos! i love watching the birds outside our windows. we got a spring tease last week, too. then a huge snow and bitter cold this week. it WILL be here soon, though. what is the phrase..."march comes in like a lion and out like a lamb"? hope it's true this year. thanks for dropping by my site and leaving a note. :)