Thursday, April 26, 2007

Three Lovely April Things

1. Giving Katya her first hair trim. This was a momentous occasion as has taken all 25 months of her life to reach the point where her bangs were starting to get into her eyes. She thought the trim was a very interesting procedure and I saved the few little wisps I cut. She looks a little boyish now but I like being able to see more of her face. I'm looking forward to her having enough hair for little pigtails!
2. After weeks of cold blustery weather, taking a coatless walk. With the sun shining warm on our backs, we walked out to the canal and I let Katya get out of her stroller. We stood in the shade of a large tree and admired the tiny purple flowers growing in the grass. We watched the water, brown from the recent rains, flowing swiftly by. The way Katya kept pointing and saying "Gaga, wa-er. Gaga, wa-er" made me nervous that she wanted to take a little swim in the fast-moving deep current. I kept a firm grip on her hand as we watched Purple Martins swooping over the water's surface. The water gurgled and birds sang loudly.
3. The flowering currant tree is j-u-s-t starting to show some pink in its tight buds as a few miniscule leaves open up. After the rain we've had it must be deciding that this place is ok after all.

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jennifer said...

What a cutie! I saved Camille's first bang trim as well...

Enjoy the emerging Spring!