Thursday, May 17, 2007

Katya Notes

Her shorts don't fit. I've been buying 2T shorts for her to wear this summer as I see them on sale because that's the size she's wearing in tops. Even 3T's aren't that big on her. However, with our hot spell we're having now, I've discovered that all her 2T shorts are way too big and even her 24 month shorts always work their way farther and farther down her hips. I'm sure her 12 month shorts from last summer are too small. Bummer. I'd built up a nice collection of shorts. Now do I have to start over, buying 18 month shorts? She's got the skinny genes.

She's had an attack of the terrible twos. They've made an appearance every now and again for the last few months, but they arrived full force a couple days ago. (Right after Mother's Day!) From beginning of day to end she resisted with all her might what I wanted her to do and after I stopped her from doing something I didn't want her doing, she went right back to doing it. Naughty, naughty, naughty all day. I was exhausted from holding the line by the end of the day and dreading what the next day held. But the next day was mostly fine. She still does this thing where she walks up to something she knows is off limits, grabs or lays her hands all over it, saying "DON'T TOUCH!" Testing the limits, 1, 2, 3.

Sometimes it's the parents who are easily distractible...Last weekend, as Brent began to hoist himself off the floor after relaxing for an afternoon, he said something about needing to start watering the garden. Katya had been playing on the floor nearby. A few minutes later he began to start something else and we noticed that there had been no Katya for a little while. Brent found her--she was waiting by the back door, holding 2 watering cans, her trowel and bucket, beach ball and her popper push toy. Not saying anything, just patiently waiting and watching for the door to open with her arms full.
I had finished sweeping the kitchen and bathroom floors. The rugs were still pushed out of the way, but I got distracted by an article in the paper that was lying open on the table. Katya came to me, holding a rug, asking "rug back?" I told her, yes the rugs needed to be put back and finished reading the article. When I went back to finishing my chores, I discovered that all the rugs were put back, two year old-askew, but each in its proper place. She had even put her step stool back in front of the bathroom sink, perfectly arranged on top of one of the crooked rugs.


Lauren said...

Amazing. This post reminds me of Barbara Curtis. (
In one of her books, she basically says to encourage toddlers to satisfy that natural curiosity when they want to "help", instead of belittling them when they don't do things just right. Sounds like you're doing a great job!

jennifer said...

I remember the two's! Actually they hit here at nearly three! I would always just roll with it even when it was frustrating and nerve wracking! I mainly intervened when she was near a dangerous thing! I think letting her be a terrible two helped to develop this very strong- minded and fun girl of today!
Good Luck! You are doing great!