Thursday, September 04, 2008

Small Arrangings

As I go through the day, my attention is sometimes caught by the little tableaus Katya leaves lying about. There is something intentional or picturesque about some of them and I wonder what she was thinking when she placed them that way.

This little train setup caught my eye. She evidently wanted the bridge to be part of the track but couldn't add it in without taking apart the perfect circle. I liked the tractor set in the middle.Then nearby there's the tree on top of the building..

And why are the bath ducks on the booster chair in the newspaper recycling bin?She spent some time attaching every bib in the drawer to the refrigerator handle..

This one is not her toys, but I had to laugh when I saw how she put the salad dressings on the table. This was taken last spring when we were first eating salads from our garden. She wanted to help with setting the table and when I came into the room I saw the dressings were carefully arranged on their sides this way:

K's dolls have all sorts of adventures. One morning Yasmin had to join us at the breakfast table.
Another day she was apparently busy drawing.One day I walked into the bathroom to find that Mirabelle had been having a bath (with her clothes).
And this picture was taken soon after Katya started to realize she could make Tobiah smile by bringing him a toy. However, where 1 is good, 25 must be better. Soon poor little brother was surrounded and feeling a bit claustrophobic.


Mindy said...

Delightful! What a great idea. Thanks for making me smile.

~Michelle~ said...

Adorable! I like her creativity!

joelle said...

Yea, you're back! Cute photos! Katya has a great imagination - wish we lived closer and could get together more often! Want to schedule a playdate soon???