Friday, February 20, 2009

At the Ag Show

A couple weekends ago, Brent and Katya went to the yearly Ag Show. This is a little tradition for them. Afterwards, K was full of talk about all the different colors of tractors she sat on, the pony she petted, the displays she saw (especially the one with fish) and the candy on the tables. She explained how she got to have "one piece of the kind you suck and one of the kind you chew".
I was running errands with T in tow meanwhile, and when finished, sat in the car in the parking lot waiting for them to come out. It's always fun to people watch and this was a good opportunity to observe the Idaho Farmer. He has weather beaten skin that even in winter is kind of sunburned looking. He wears a baseball cap firmly on his head--it looks like it's been stuck there by dust and sweat for the last ten years. (In the summer when he takes it off to attend church, his forehead will be lilly white while his cheeks and neck are sun and wind-burned dark red.) He wears a button-down shirt and blue jeans. If he is older and has his wife with him, she looks capable and used to hard work, though she takes care to keep herself presentable. If he is younger and has his wife with him, she also looks used to hard work and perhaps doesn't have the time or money to follow the latest trends in fashion. Together, they bring a small passel of little ones, the smallest riding in a stroller.

It was just interesting to observe this group of people.

Here are a few photos of K on the tractors. If you look closely, you can see some Idaho Farmers in the background.

Here she is with the pony:

Then she got to ride pretend pony.
K was excited by the little bag of freebies she got to bring home--seed packets, flyers, a couple more pieces of candy, a pencil, a small plastic toy cow. She studied and played with them for the next several days. It's always fun to go the Ag Show.

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Life with Kaishon said...

Oh, I love your Ag show! Kaishon goes to the Pennsylvania farm show with his PopPop every year and he just loves it. Idaho farmers look cool!