Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ABC Wednesday

M is for...
various views of my most favorite mountains

These mountains in central Oregon are all very close together. Many happy hours have I spent hiking and exploring the area.

South Sister from Sparks Lake

Broken Top from above Todd Lake

Mt. Bachelor from the same approximate area as the previous photo

A drawing I did many years ago of South Sister from Elk Lake

Makes me wish I could materialize into these midsummer scenes right now! For more magnificent M's, visit ABC Wednesday.


Pat - Arkansas said...

Lovely mountain views. Although I now live in Arkansas, I grew up in New Mexico, and I really miss the mountains. Wonderful photos; thanks for sharing them.

Joy said...

Great mountains. Midsummer to look forward to and long days in the mountains.

ROSIDAH said...

Many aMazing mountains! Beautiful ABC Wednesday post. Have a great day :)

Dragonstar said...

Beautiful mountains! I love your drawing.
Thanks for visiting.

kml said...

They are so beautiful - and summer will be here again soon!!