Monday, April 06, 2009

A Poem

Today I drove across miles
and miles
of a sagebrush blanketed land--
flat, not a tree in sight,
mountains in the distance,
the sky even bigger than the huge land
around me--
I thought of you,
wondered what you saw at this very moment--
dense tropical green, more lush
than I'll ever see.
What sounds,
in that foreign place?
When we were children
we played together,
side by side,
year after year.
Now life's winds have
blown you far,
so far--
I cannot see in my mind's eye
the place you've now landed.
I in a desert,
you in a jungle--
distances beyond fathom
to girls playing paper dolls.
Yet the bond remains
across miles and years--
the views
out our windows
now so dissimilar.