Friday, May 29, 2009

Audience, Sibling Bonds, Color on Color

1. My throat was feeling sore, so I took my mug into the bathroom to gargle some saltwater. Both kids follow me. I tried not to laugh as they watched me gargle, transfixed in fascination. K came and stood next me, imitating me. She turned to T and informed him as he gazed open-mouthed, "The ladies are having their saltwater."

2. I love the bond that is developing between K and T. Sometimes it has a downside--whatever toy one is playing with is sure to be exactly the one the other needs right now. Often they are more interested in playing with each other's toys than their own. It is cute to watch T seriously use K's play dishes, as he "eats" a little meal with a bowl and spoon, stopping to stir now and then. At meals, especially if B isn't home, if one gets restless and starts acting out--the other is highly entertained and wants to imitate. Drives me crazy and makes me feel a bit outnumbered, but it's funny how easily they seem to communicate at these times. They also enjoy doing a version of wrestling--I always think of puppies in slow motion. K has found that if she lies down on the floor near T, he will often think it is an opportunity to climb on top of her, beginning the mini-tackle. K has started getting a lot more organized in her play and gets frustrated when T does something different from what she dictates, but this is an ongoing learning process.

3. One rainy/sunny day recently, we had two rainbows in one day. I was standing at the window, admiring the second one of the day as it gleamed behind the quaking aspen trees next door. As I watched, I noticed the trees were alive with bright yellow finches, flitting through the branches and the fluttering leaves.

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