Saturday, July 17, 2010

Appearances and Reaching

1. While grocery shopping, I note a one-legged old man in a wheel chair with fierce eyebrows and a scowl. Involuntarily, I think, "Wow, he looks mean." A few minutes later as we pass him in the aisle, he smiles and makes a friendly comment about the kids.

2. The starlings that all summer have raucously built nests and raised their young under the eves of the house next door have vanished. Now bright goldfinches periodically appear and flit about the yard, chirruping their songs.

3. I check on T before retiring to bed, and at first I think it's a blanket falling to the floor. My eyes adjust to the darkness, I see it's his arm--he must have fallen asleep reaching and reaching for the little stuffed frog that tumbled (was thrown?) just out of reach.

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