Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Color Feast

The sun is breaking over the horizon just a little earlier each morning and at midday it sits higher in the sky than it did a couple months ago.  The buds on the trees are swelling and some of the tulips are up...but it's not spring yet.  The colors of the land are still gray and a light bleached brown.  The green of spring isn't here yet. 
I'm longing for flowers blooming!  I want to luxuriate in color.

I could go on.  All of the above pictures are from Annie's Annuals, a nursery specializing in hard to find annuals and perennials based in the San Francisco area.  A year ago, I stumbled on their website and was transfixed for some heavenly moments.  The slideshows on their website are stunning.  I did not order anything from them, but through the wonders of computer cookies, they found me at our present address and sent me not one, but two catalogues this year. 


Dana said...

Oh, what a feast for the eyes!

~Michelle~ said...

Luxuriate in color indeed! I've been to Annie's Annuals, it is really neat to see so many varieties. It is like a plant candy store!