Saturday, May 28, 2011

On the Farm

After our Glorious Flight study, we moved away from FIAR for a short time to do a farm mini-unit.  I used Homeschool Share's Busy Monday Morning unit for some ideas. Busy Monday Morning is a cute book about a boy helping his father with the wheat harvest.  We talked about the different jobs farmers have and how there are many different types of farms.  One of the activities we did was learn about prepositions, or position words, as we called them.  Here is K demonstrating "above" with a farmer and a stack of hay.

The story is also set to song and the music is printed in the back.  Since it is a Polish folk song it was a little tricky for us to fgure out on the keyboard, but we were able to recruit Aunt K to help us out.

Then it was off to the farm!  Homeschoolers in our area were invited to a local farm to see the baby animals.  It was great fun.  Both kids got to feed the horses.

We saw some ducks and their ducklings as well as large geese who were, happily, quite mellow.  K was fascinated by the tiny water area they had set up for these birds.

Then we examined the chickens. They were happy, peaceful creatures.  There was also a hen house that the children peeked into with young chicks inside.

Then the sheep.  There was a small flock with several lambs in a pasture, and we walked a little closer to see them.  There were some little black lambs that were just laying in the grass by themselves as we quietly approached.

As more people started coming over, the mothers got a tad upset and signaled their lambs to come back.

It was a laid back, informative day and the kids seemed to get a lot out of it.

T, ever the great imitator, now does an expert sheep baa if we read a book with sheep in it.  Amazing how encountering the real thing informs one's perception.  As Almost Unschoolers always says, it's great to be a homeschooler! 

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