Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vacation, Day 1

Over Labor Day weekend we took a trip with B's parents to a cabin outside Baker City, Oregon.  It was a wonderful time.  The cabin was in a forested area along the Powder River.  We got there late Friday night and the next day was spent relaxing and simply exploring the property.
First we walked down to the river where the resident herd of alpacas greeted us.

They were freindly, but shy.  They seemed espially curious about the children and walked right up to a group that had T and/or K in it, but if an adult tried to coax one near while standing by himself, they couldn't be persuaded to approach closer tnan an arm and a half's length.

They were kind of comical animals, and we enjoyed watching them.

When we reached the river we found it to be very fast flowing. There was a bridge which was great fun to toss sticks from and watch them quickly float away.  K and T would've happily done that for hours.

Later, a worker came and began to operate a backhoe.  B took T down to watch.  In the next picture you can see T turning to watch the machine even in the excitement of riding on Daddy's shoulders. 

It was bliss for T to be able to watch the backhoe at work.  He and his daddy sat down nearby and just watched for the longest time.  B said T copied the motions of the digger with his arm as it moved, and he was glad they had the time and freedom to watch as long as they liked--the joy of vacation when you don't have to be someplace else on time.

(picture taken by K)

K, meanwhile, was intrigued by the hill behind the house and thoroughly enjoyed "mountain climbing", collecting big pinecones, grasses and rocks.  She got Grandma to climb the hill with her and together they made it to the top. She and Grandma made this trip several more times during the weekend.

Saturday afternoon was also a good time for a long, deep nap with ever-faithful puppy by one's side.

This was the first day of our trip.  In the evenings after the kids had gone to bed, B and I taught his folks how to play the always entertaining and potentially interminable game of SkipBo.  To keep this from getting too long, I think I will describe the rest of the vacation in upcoming posts.

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Someone looks just like a little R coming down the hill in that first picture!