Monday, November 14, 2011

5 T Things

1.  Getting dressed more often than not seems to involve a to-the-death wrestling match with his clothes.

2.  Time in the car is divided into "Is this going to be a long time?" and "That was a shwort trip!"

3.  A current favorite is "the Henny Penny story".  He periodically asks family members: Where are you going in such a hurry?

4.  T's still hungry after finishing his bowl of cereal and makes a list of increasingly sophisticated seconds requests.  I tell him he can have plain Cheerios.  OK, he agrees.  After I pour his cereal and milk, he asks sadly, "Where's the airplane?"

5.  He's standing by the window watching the bird feeder when a bird suddenly thuds into the glass.  "Oh!"  His mouth is a perfectly round circle and his morning hair is standing straight up.  I stifle my smile and he tells me the bird "is sad 'cause he bonked the window and he lost his mother."

Proud that he lined up all the stuffed puppies in the house

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