Monday, January 16, 2012

November Pictures

This was a fun idea for a nature walk.  As we looked for signs of fall, K found lots of leaves, sticks, dried grasses and interesting bushes.  We were at the same place we took a nature walk last spring and it was neat to see how many textures and colors were apparent after things had died back from freezing temperatures.  When we got home I made a weaving board with cardboard and yarn and K chose her favorite collected treasures and wove them into the "tapestry".  Some of the pieces she needed help with, but for the most part she did this on her own.

The following five pictures were taken on Veterans Day.  Ever since we rowed Lentil and learned about the American flag, K was excited to get one of our own.  We picked one up around the 4th of July and she was so excited to help display it.  So on Veterans Day we made a bit of a production of putting the flag up.  We carefully unfolded it white T held the flag pole..

..gathered ourselves together and marched away.  I think I was making drum sounds to accompany us.

Putting up the flag..

Hooray for the stars and stripes!


Finally, a picture of fall fun.  Thanks to Aunt K for taking these pictures!



Dana said...

Oh, Grandpa B. would be so proud of your flag ceremony.

joelle said...

Envious of your leaves! I've been wanting to get a flag and holder for awhile. Growing up we always hung our flag by our front door for all the patriotic holidays. I miss doing that! Love the nature weaving project! We'll have to try that next year!