Tuesday, June 05, 2012

More Flowers

I so enjoyed the blue of these flowers this year.  The plant is Veronica Crater Lake Blue from High Country Gardens.  I actually bought it the last summer we were in Idaho, and shortly thereafter realized we would be moving.  So I put it in a pot and took it with us.  It survived its first year living in a pot--then I planted it when we moved into this house.  The following spring (last year) I was hoping it would bloom, and it had about three flowers before flopping down and growing against the ground the rest of the season.  This year it did not disappoint me.  It was one of the first perennials to bloom.  I just wish it bloomed all summer and at the same time as the other flowers in the garden.

I know this blog has been heavy on the flowers lately, but tis the season, ya kow?  Here's just one more picture, the Sweet Joann Penstemon this year:

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