Monday, July 16, 2012

Last Day

I've been meaning to blog about our last couple days of school.
We had a review of FIAR material we'd covered over the year. I went through the year's notebooks and came up with forty questions.  I ran out of time thinking up questions and didn't even get to the last two books we rowed.  K did really well with answering my questions.  She loves poring over the notebooks on her own time.

Like last year, we gathered all the books we'd rowed and I asked K which was her favorite.  She couldn't decide on just one this time. 

She liked Mirette on the High Wire and A New Coat for Anna best this year.
T, watching the goings on, wanted me to take a picture of him with his favorite FIAR book, too.

His choice?  Make Way for Ducklings.
We finished the year with a Field Day.  This included some very simple competitive activities: Jump the Creek, See How Fast You Can Run Around the House, and so on.  The grand finale was a water balloon toss. This was fun.  I must admit it had been so long since I'd made a water balloon that it took me some tries to remember how to make them.  After giving the kitchen a shower I remembered you pinch the balloon shut before tying the knot.  Ah well.  The kids thought it was funny.

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Joelle said...

Cute that Tobiah wanted to have a picture taken also :) We will row all their favorites this year. I'm curious what Audrey will think of all those! It is interesting that the covers of several of the books we have are different than the ones in your picture! When do you think you'll start up again? I'm actually going to start in August (!) so we can row all 21 books in vol. 2! Am I crazy???