Wednesday, December 26, 2012

..and it was good packing snow, too!

The Christmas snow from yesterday stuck around and the kids got some good snow play time in today.  K was so proud of the snowman she built entirely by herself.
T was getting frustrated that he wasn't able to get a snowman to stay put together on his own, so I went out and helped him.  The snow was really great packing snow, unlike the dry stuff we usually get that evaporates or blows away before one can do anything with it, and we got this snowman built in under 15 minutes.  I rolled the bottom, K made the middle and T proudly made the head and placed it where it belonged.


Joelle said...

Great looking snowmen! Katya did great! Hopefully we'll have another good snow when both kids are feeling well!

Still hoping for some fiar posts ;)

Dana said...

Given the matching expressions, it's almost hard to tell which are K and T and which are the snowmen!