Thursday, April 04, 2013

Newborn Land

My world is so very small right now.  My attention is completely given to--
What kind of sleep will the baby have tonight?  (Right now she's sleeping in roughly 3-4 hour chunks.)
Will I get anything done in the happy a.m. hours? (Maybe one thing.  Or one thing started.)
When will she take her midday nap, and will it coincide with quiet time so I can perhaps lay down and catch a few zzz's myself?   (15 minutes today.)
In the late afternoon- evening, her least contented time of day, will she tolerate being put down long enough for me to get some kind of dinner on the table?  (Today T was nearby when she started to fuss and I asked him to rock her bouncy seat.  He did so and discovered that at the same time it was fun to push the bouncy seat around the kitchen and dining room.  Speaking in a high sing-song voice, he pushed her around the table, stopping to explain who sits at each chair.  Thankfully, M seemed to like the motion and listened attentively to his narrative.  Till he lost interest and went away.)

My world is small,
but I cherish every moment.

I'm glad it's spring now.  I look out the kitchen window and some late daffodils are blooming.  They are big and healthy and their yellow is positively delicious.

It's not easy to get out and go places right now, but looking at that cheerful yellow makes me feel like I've been on a little outing anyway.

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Dana said...

Great description of T showing M the lay of the land. Those are some hearty daffodils!