Sunday, June 02, 2013

This and That

"That's my favorite Pandora song!" K exclaims when she hears the Beatles' "Girl" playing on my computer.

T encouragingly telling Baby M that she will earn her Baby Badge when she goes a whole day without crying.  I don't have the heart to tell him that not likely to happen for awhile.

I've got Baby M in her bouncy seat in the bathroom with us while getting the kids' baths finished.  She finally stops fussing and drifts off to sleep.  Unwilling to disturb a sleeping baby, I leave her there while putting K and T to bed.  K repeatedly reminds me, "Don't forget Baby Margaret!  Don't forget the baby!"

I've got a few minutes before Baby M wakes from her nap, so I sit down to sort through K's paper creations which have been overflowing from their alloted shelf for some time now.  K sees me and begs to help.  I sigh inwardly, thinking that she's not going to want to get rid of anything.  Surprisingly, after a hesitant start, she is more ruthless than I am, saying that this item can be thrown away because it is "updated" (?), this one she can easily make a new one of, this one she doesn't need anymore, etc.  Baby M wakes and I leave her to finish the job, and she does-- getting the huge mound sorted down to a small pile.


Dana said...

Such great tidbits. She's becoming so responsible!

roumayssa himri said...

your children are so cute and lovely

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

re: K and the sorting... just goes to show you that she's an artist AND a scientist!

Anonymous K