Monday, September 16, 2013

Getting Caught Up

Though I've thought about blogging often and feel bad that I've missed a lot of opportunities to share the little happenings around here, time has been so crunched that blogging fell by the wayside.  But I would like to make an effort to share a few notes about Baby M from these last months.

~ Baby M was having an especially spit-uppy day.  As I changed her diaper, it seemed every time I lifted her legs another eruption was triggered, until.. "A pond!" exclaimed T walking by and noticing the puddle accumulating by her head.

~ I liked it when M began to lay a hand on the arm of whoever was holding her.

Then she began to rub the person's arm.  Now, when I hold her, she often swings her arm about, patting me.

~ After a Sunday where tiny baby M was surrounded by admirers oohing and ahhing, T observed, "A lot of times when people look at Margaret, they sound sad."

~ I don't know which I like better: kissing baby M's soft chubby cheeks, seeing her happy open-mouthed grins, or hearing the "heh heh heh" laughs that said kisses incite.

~ Add to the department of I Can't Believe I Just Did That:  I was thinking worried thoughts about K who had suddenly fallen quite ill and was holding M in one arm while getting apple juice out of the fridge.  I set the juice down on the counter and shook M up and down a couple times before I realized she was not the apple juice.  She was not fazed in the slightest.

~ T several times a day proclaiming that M is "just the deawest baby in the world" and showering her round head with kisses.  However, he does not like it if she happens to get hold of something that belongs to him and he quickly snatches it away, even if there is no way she could damage it.  It will be interesting to see how this develops when she gets to be more mobile.  And curious.

~ M's surprised, delighted look when B, K and T start singing Happy Birthday to me.  She happily shrieks, trying to sing along.  Best birthday present ever.

~ K, as she helps give M a bath:  "We love having a baby.  But they are a lot of work."

~ As M nurses, my mind is often at first filled with my to-do lists.  However, when she finally relaxes and I have her up on my shoulder, I realize anew what a precious thing a sleeping baby is.  She is so content and getting up to lay her down reminds me of what it used to feel like to have a sleeping cat on my lap-- you feel loathe to stand up and disturb this warm heavy sleeping bundle.  Let her sleep here just a few moments longer.  Goodness knows, they will pass away quickly enough.

I'm going to try to do better at keeping up this blog.  In the meantime, I've finally got the rest of last year's FIAR posts done.  Embarrassing how long it's taken me.  Since it's been so long, they were pretty sketchy in my memory, but at least you'll get an idea of some of the things we've done.  Watch for them in the next several days!


Joelle said...

Thanks for sharing all the sweet stories! I seriously laughed out loud when I read how you mistook M for the apple juice! She probably thought it was fun :)

Looking forward to your FIAR posts!

Dana said...

So sweet, so comical. Thanks for the updates!